Sixty-Nine Obsession

During a Saturday morning, woke up sweating with a wicked dream. My partner was in the first floor playing his piano, I suddenly had an idea to the point that I got undress took a quick shower, perfume my body with his favorite smell of the my lotion with a touch of coconut oil. 

Put on a silk white robe, bare footed and walked down to the first floor where he was sitting with a pair of navy blue pajama. When he heard my foot steps I was alredy so near him he could feel my breath behind his ears. He slowly turned his head to face me, his nose touching my juicy and moistured lips. I slowly caressed his lips with my nose until I started to kiss him slowly. He responded favorly, his arms lifted to my touch bottom over the  robe, he slowly squizzed them to the point that I got aroused by his gentle by firm touch. 

I lifted my right leg and sat on his lap facing him continuing to kiss him to the point the his penis got erected by the warmth of my vagina. He then started to stroke my clitoris to the motion of his lips and mine while our tongue intertwined with each other. It got hot really quick that the windows got blurry and muggy… he then continued to lift me to sit over the piano while he positioned himself facing my vagina and his put his penis on my face.

We continued to suck on each other vagina and penis until we came on each other’s face. Even after the first session, he wouldn’t stop he continued to suck on my clitoris and I was squirming from the sensitiveness and ended up reaching another climax.

We switched position coming off the piano, he stated would you like to have something cold to chill the fire within you? He offered some champagne with an strawberry in it.

69 Standing

Took a sip, by the time I took sip and was already on his knees sucking on my pussy lips so passionately, he spread my legs to eat my clitoris. I turned around purposely to bend over and suck his penis to the end of his desires while playing with his balls. I deep throat his penis until his came. 

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