The Unexpected

It was an evening where I started with wine and my partner with a cup of coke and rum. Sticky outing in the suburbs past midnight, under the moon mid August he and I put our glasses down on the grass.

He kissed me first while I touhed his thick muscular arms and I opened my eyes. My eyes met his brown eyes which transpired desire. I imagine doing wicked things to him such as tying him down from four apple trees near by with a rope think enough disableling his ability to loosen from.


Once he is tied from the four limbs I would torture him with pleasure actions. For instance, would take a fallen branch and slowly caress him with the it between his legs causing some type of disomfort however at the same time would cause some type of erection to his cock. He would squirm and state that it was sufficient, however i felt the need to continue until his was rock hard to six on it until he could not contain his orgasm any longer.

At that given moment I would dismount him and suck on his balls freeing his cock from my tight pussy walls. Right before he reached the orgasm. He would have a glassy look on his eyes as to let me loose and I will show you what am capable of.

I kept my thoughts to myself, decided to make him feel a little better with some lubricated anal beads, his was so surprised by my actions, his eyes stood out. Eventually he got comfortable with it, I sat back on top on his cock, and while that happened the anal beads and me on top finish the deed.

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