Inner Goddess Fantasy

Sleeping awaken by the most sexy individual, dark, smooth, tall 6′, straight white teeth, clean shave gold tee, beautiful almond shape hazel eyes, build as a rock man with firm arms saying wake up beautiful.

He kissed me so hard and passionately that I had forgotten I was in my own skin. He caressed my face as it was rose petal and then grabbed my neck and secretly stated,”I want you, can I have you?”

Blushing I said, “whatever you want to do and your accomplice!”

He started to kiss me, caress my breast until they were to sensitive I start to moan and eventually reached an orgasm just from his touch it went to fothe highest sensation once he put those bubble lips on it and circled it with his long, strong tongue over them at the same time.

He then turned me over caressed my back with sensual kisses down my spine, everything while he played with my clitoris from behind. He made me so hot I yearned to be penetrated so deeply I was dripping wet, his fingers got so wet he licked it off his finger and said, “you are so sweet, can I have some more until I am complete?” I answered with a nod.

He then turned me over facing him and he went ahead and started to eat my pussy like he had not eaten in days. While he ate my pussy he said, “your so sweet and these lips are so plump and juicy I have a few things in mind I can do to them!” My thought to his words were, what can he do to them other than fuck them. He continued devouring my pussy until I came in his face.

I was in cloud 12 instead of 9, when I felt his juicy, thick, 10″ chocolate cock inside my tight wet pussy wall. It felt amazing him thrusting slowly and kissing my neck and licking my ear, and then finally his kissed me so deeply and passionately he started to thrust faster and faster, slow down then again faster and faster, while doing all of that he played with my clitoris until I reached my climax another orgasm with his cock inside of me, he continued until he came.

We both reached the orgasm at the same time. I thought, “what a dream!” Little did I know it was not a dream, he turn me over and started to FUCK me from behind holding my breast between his index and middle finger while bitting my neck from behind. All while I was pulling the sheets from the tremendous satisfaction I was getting. He said in my ear, I want you to play with your clitoris let me hear you moan while I fuck you and you play with yourself. I did and there we were reaching an orgasm together again.


Boy, was I in paradise in my own bed and sheets with this man?

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