How much sex it TOO MUCH sex?

When you are living in New York City, you definitely need to wine down after a long day of work. That would be dinner at a nice restaurant, speak to someone that is willing to listen to you while you have some wine, go to the gym and run 3 miles, etc. However I believe us women need a good sex partner that can take you somewhere that pleasure is so amazing to your body to the point where you knock out to sleep, wake up and be like, “its morning?” Women should focus more on what they need in their lives before attending ton someone else’s need. There is saying happy wive happy home which is completely true. If there id happiness all over you why you would have a negative thought to mess that up? Therefore mu theory is have as much sex possible to relieve your stress and when you have sex you release endorphins that benefit your mind, soul, heart, body and its also a workout.😉

3 thoughts on “How much sex it TOO MUCH sex?

  1. Marlene molina

    I must agree, in part is a form of pleasure, a stress release depending on who you ask .
    As a working mother of two boys my life is pretty hectic with school, sports , work and being a house wife it could take a toll not only on itself but in your relationship .
    To spice things up the Mr and I would go out on dates and try a little role playing here and there.


  2. Would your thought change if the perspective had different facts? Such as being wealthy, work less, no kids, a servant, etc. If so, would sex be TOO much ? I personally think nothing is too much if you are willing to have sex and are enjoying it. If you are not enjoying the sex then the SEX IS TOO MUCH. Sex should be pleasurable and enjoyable. That is just my personal opinion as a Mid 30’s women in the 21st Century.


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