Bigamy, Polygamy, Monagamy!

Bigamy seems to be illegal however in other countries is legal. Has anyone thought that if bigamy would be legal there would be less cheating on the behalf of both parties? I strongly believe it would. Due to the fact that if you have everything at home, would there be a reason to look outside for something you have. Would you loose concentration of making a better living if you not be thinking of women instead of working your way to success.

If a woman likes variety why not? If a man likes variety why not? I mean equally when it comes to choosing numerous partners on behalf of bother genders. If a man can have multiples spouses why can’t the same privileges be extended to women in our society in the 21st Century.


Would there be a reason to be jealous? To be honest I  strongly believe women go nuts thinking of what their husbands are doing with other women. Is NOT the cheating part. It is strongly about the thought that drive you nuts not the actual action. Therefore if you are present when your husband is with the others you would be more at ease. No one said it would easy however it would be tolerable. Think about it and let me know.


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